Pecatu Indah Resort is developed in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability, culture preservation, and hospitality. The integration of the culture enhances community development of the Pecatu area by inviting the participation of the local people and visitors from other diverse places.


Tujuan Umum

Develop Pecatu Indah Resort to its best potential by recognizing its natural diversity and unique landscape character, adopting a resort-oriented approach and aligning with Bali’s image as a tropical and cultural tourist destination.

Enhance sustainability of the site’s natural environment by minimizing changes to the existing Pecatu landscape features such as beach, cliff, hills, creeks, and forest.

Maintain and uphold Bali’s religious values by preserving the existing Pura within the site and recognizing it as a sacred attraction.

Provide a series of facilities which have the potential to draw varying market segments to the site.

Tujuan Spesifik

Maintain necessary open space area for water absorption and landscaping by regulating development guidelines such as building coverage, floor area ratio, and building height.

Hindari dampak yang berlebihan pada pembangunan infrastruktur yang mahal dengan perencanaan arsitektur yang tepat dan efisien termasuk meminimalkan pekerjaan tanah ke bentang alam yang ada.

Create a rich natural resort environment by providing parks and gardens, lakes, ponds, and street beautification with tropical planting features.

Provide an integrated traffic system using a combination of high-capacity and low-capacity shuttle services with stops within a walking range from facilities, residences, hotels, and attractions available.

Provide easy access from Ngurah Rai Airport or Denpasar to the heart of Pecatu Indah Resort by a regular bus shuttle system with integrated access to Dreamland Beach by a defined beach entrance, parking area, and bus shuttle.

Enhance Dreamland Beach’s amenities such as restaurants and leisure activities through the beach club facility.